RapidFire High-Throughput Mass Spectrometry Platform
AS the part of high-throughput capabilities at HDB, RapidFire high throughput mass spec system supports our clients on in vitro ADME assays, cancer metabolite analysis, and other mass spec based high–throughput
compound screening.
RapidFire 360 (Agilent Technologies) combines the accurate analytical capabilities of mass spectrometry and high-throughput processing speed. It eliminates major steps in sample preparation and method development associated with conventional approaches and streamlines the work flow. The samples can be delivered to the
mass spectrometer at an unprecedented speed without any compromises on data quality.
In vitro ADME screening
Cancer metabolite analysis
Broad utilization in in vitro ADME assays with outstanding throughput,
  MRM-based targeted metabolite screening platform to support target validation and
extremely short cycle time, and possible elimination of method optimization
    other exploratory study in cancer metabolism
to achieve the most efficient work flow
  Targeted metabolites cover various cell metabolism pathways (Glycolysis,
  Metabolic stability (microsomes and S9)
    Glutaminolysis,TCA, GSH, etc.)
  CYP inhibition (RI ,TDI)
  Compatible with various biological matrices (cell lysate/plasma/tissue)
  Protein/tissue binding and blood partitioning
  Method application in selected cancer cell lines
Therapeutic target SAR/MOA screening
  Permeability (PAMPA, Caco-2, MDCKII)
  Customized biochem or cell-based RF/MS assay development
  Capable of screening of intractable or challenging targets
  10x faster throughput than conventional MS screening methods