Plate-based Pharmacology
As a global leader in plate based pharmacology R&D services, HD Biosciences provides the best in class of the supports to our clients in their efforts on preclinical drug discoveries, from assays & assay development, hit identification, hit-to-lead, lead optimization, to candidate selection. Resourceful assets in assays, cell lines collections in major target classes, such as GPCRs, kinases & other enzymes, ion channels and transporters, offer a broad range of formats and matching screening capabilities. The fully implemented industry compliant processes that rank the highest among Chinese CROs by our clients, make HD Biosciences as a partner to
choose for your plate-based pharmacology needs.
Our screening capabilities span from cell line generation, biochemical and cell-based assays, high throughput screening, SAR screening, high content, multiplex to primary cells/tissues in a variety of technology platforms. Comprehensive infrastructure with instrumentation, proprietary data/compound management system and IT support with e-notebook option, provides a precise capture of information flow from compound, assay/screen,
to data management.
Currently HDB’s mature plate-based platforms are capable to support in multi-clients, multi-projects at multi-formats in parallel. The yearly throughput for screening data point has exceeded 10 millions. Our operation
back-up plan ensures the continuation of the processes and deliveries without hiccup.
Assay Platform
HTS and Hit Identification
Lead Discovery
Biochemical and cell-based assays
Primary screening
Secondary screening
Radiometric & binding assays
Cherry picking and hit confirmation
SAR screening (Hit Triage)
Report gene assays
IC50/EC 50 determination
Compound profiling
Micro-fluid kinetics (Caliper),
Hit follow-up
Counter screening & off target selectivity
Protein-protein interaction, substrate-enzyme
Compound QC (LC/MS based)
Early compound safety prediction
kinetics (BiaCore),
ADME screens
LC/MS/MS-based assays
Phenotypic & functional assays
Designated HTS & SAR screen central labs
High content assays & multiplexing assays
Compound storages accommodating over 3
Functional GPCR & nuclear receptor assays
million compounds
Enzymes assays (kinase, protease, PDEs, HDAC, etc.)
Proprietary compound management database
Ion channels and transporters
Activity Base and other tools
Custom assay development
Target Discovery
In vitro Pharmacology
DMPK & Toxicology
In vivo Pharmaclogy
Other Services
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