Plate-based Pharmacology
As a global leader in plate based pharmacology R&D services, HD Biosciences provides the best in class of the supports to our clients in their efforts on preclinical drug discoveries, from assays & assay development, hit identification, hit-to-lead, lead optimization, to candidate selection. Resourceful assets in assays, cell lines collections in major target classes, such as GPCRs, kinases & other enzymes, ion channels and transporters, offer a broad range of formats and matching screening capabilities. The fully implemented industry compliant processes that rank the highest among Chinese CROs by our clients, make HD Biosciences as a partner to
choose for your plate-based pharmacology needs.
Our screening capabilities span from cell line generation, biochemical and cell-based assays, high throughput screening, SAR screening, high content, multiplex to primary cells/tissues in a variety of technology platforms. Comprehensive infrastructure with instrumentation, proprietary data/compound management system and IT support with e-notebook option, provides a precise capture of information flow from compound, assay/screen,
to data management.
Currently HDB’s mature plate-based platforms are capable to support in multi-clients, multi-projects at multi-formats in parallel. The yearly throughput for screening data point has exceeded 10 millions. Our operation
back-up plan ensures the continuation of the processes and deliveries without hiccup.
Assay Platform
HTS and Hit Identification
Lead Discovery
Biochemical and cell-based assays
Primary screening
Secondary screening
Radiometric & binding assays
Cherry picking and hit confirmation
SAR screening (Hit Triage)
Report gene assays
IC50/EC 50 determination
Compound profiling
Micro-fluid kinetics (Caliper),
Hit follow-up
Counter screening & off target selectivity
Protein-protein interaction, substrate-enzyme
Compound QC (LC/MS based)
Early compound safety prediction
kinetics (BiaCore),
ADME screens
LC/MS/MS-based assays
Phenotypic & functional assays
Designated HTS & SAR screen central labs
High content assays & multiplexing assays
Compound storages accommodating over 3
Functional GPCR & nuclear receptor assays
million compounds
Enzymes assays (kinase, protease, PDEs, HDAC, etc.)
Proprietary compound management database
Ion channels and transporters
Activity Base and other tools
Custom assay development