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Metabolic Diseases
Metabolic diseases are orchestrated from multiple factors and involved in multiple organs in the body. HD Biosciences offers a variety of animal models including diabetes, obesity and dyslipidemia. These include both diet-induced and genetic disease models; each model has its own features mimicking human diseases. Thus selection of the appropriate disease model based on the mechanism of action of test agent is critical for ensuring the success of the in vivo pharmacology studies. Our seasoned leaders in the field will tailor
the study design to individual client's needs.
Core Competences
Biochemical & Cell-based Assays
Multiple target classes (GPCRs; enzymes; NR, transporters, etc.)
Metabolic related target panels
Biochem and cell based assays (applicable to both cell lines and primary cells)
Safety screening panel (cytotox; cardiotox; liver tox; genetox)
Radiometric assays with HTS setup
Matching screening and hit triage platform
Functional Phenotypic Assays
Glucose uptake
Fatty acid oxidation
Insulin secretion in beta cells (cell line)
Lipogenesis and lipolysis
Insulin signaling pathway (Akt, IRS phosphorylations)
Multiplexing profiling with MSD panels (metabolic markers)
Target validation, target engagement, PK/PD and MOA studies
In vivo knockdown or over expression of target genes
Drug exposure in peripheral vs. CNS;
Disruption of specific neurons/group using stereotaxic surgery
Peripheral vs. ICV drug delivery
Histology/IHC of metabolic organs (i.e. preservation of pancreatic function)
Conditional taste aversion
Gastric emptying
Disease Models
Spontaneous Diabetes (db/db Mice, ZDF Rats)
High-fat Diet Induced Diabetes in Mice, Guinea Pigs and Rhesus Monkeys
STZ Induced Type I Diabetes in Mice and Rats
High-fat Diet / STZ Induced Type II Diabetes in Mice and Rats
Diabetic Model of Aged Rhesus Monkeys
Retinopathy (retina vascular leakage)
Wound Healing
Neuropathic Pain
Diet Induce Obesity (DIO) in Mice & Rats
Spontaneous Obesity (ob/ob Mice, Aged CD-1 Mice, fa/fa Rats)
Foodintake Screening
High-fat/cholesterol/fructose Diet Models in Rodents and Monkeys
Metabolic Sydrome
Spontaneous Hypertensive Rats (SHR)<
Study Support Technologies
Locomotor Activity (X, Y & Z axis monitoring)
Feeding (Mass monitoring);
Urine Collection (Mass monitoring and cooling)
Calorimetric Assessment (Oxygen consumption and RER)
Body Composition Analyis by MRI Technology (Brucker MiniSpec)
Rodents cardiac function and hemodynamics assessment (PowerLab system, AD
Positron Emission Tomoqraphy
Analytical Support
Clinical Chemistry
FACS Calibur (BD Biosciences)
EnVision Multilabel Plate Reader (Perkin Elmer)
Meso Scale Discovery (MSD SI 6000)
Histology Workstation
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Target Discovery
In vitro Pharmacology
DMPK & Toxicology
In vivo Pharmaclogy
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