Lead Discovery for Infectious Diseases
HD Biosciences owns PL2 in vitro labs in supporting our clients' anti-infective drug discoveries. The company provides services in varieties of anti-viral and anti-bacterial assays, plus target validation, HTS for hit identification to SAR lead optimization in both target-based and cell-based setup. We also offer anti-infective MOA research services, drug resistance studies, compound profiling etc. The clients could access our viral, bacterial strain banks that include standard lab adapted virus and bacterial strains, clinical isolates, ATCC QC
strains, as well as clinical drug resistant strains. All Stains are well characterized with quality control records.
HDB enjoys excellent track records with the services to multinational and domestic pharmaceutical
companies. The quality of services that covers from sciences, logistics, project management, to data
deliveries make us an ideal partner for your R&D needs.
HIV, HCV and Other Virus
Drug Discovery in Anti- Bacteria
HIV replication & cytotoxicity assays for anti-HIV compound screening
Bacterial strain collection
  Viruses: NL4-3, IIIB, clinical isolates
  QC strains from ATCC, gram positive & gram negative
  Lymphoid cell lines: MT2, MT4, SupT1, etc.
  Bacterial strains from local hospitals, over 400 clinical isolates
  Primary cells: PBMC, monocyte-macrophage cells
  Bacterial strains from strains from North America
Drug combination study
Bacterial strain validation
Drug resistant HIV strain generation & profiling
  Strain validation by 16S RNA amplification & sequencing
Compound profiling against various HIV strains
  Strain validation by biochemical test
Other assays
  Strain validation by Vitek2
  Integrase assays; LEDGF HTRF assay; 3’ processing assay; Strand transfer
-   Strain identification with GN-21341 & GP-21342 cards
    assay; reverse transcriptase assay; capsid assay; fusion assay; CCR5
-   Antibiotics susceptibility test with AST-GN & AST-GP cards
    specific compound screening
  Drug resistant gene identification with multi-plex PCR & sequencing
HCV replicon transient assay & stable Huh7 cell lines
Assay development
  Compound screening to identify hits for HCV subtype 1a,1b, 2a
  Over 20 assays for anti-bacterial R&D, available for immediate use
  Combination study to evaluate synergism ,antagonism of compounds
  CLSI guidance for MIC/MBC testing
  Evaluation & profiling of RNAi effect against HCV
  NIH guidance for HTS and assay QC (plate uniformity, MSR, Z’, rank
JFH-1 infection assay: JFH-1(qPCR method) or JFH-1 reporter virus assay
    potency of reference compounds)
Drug resistant mutation identification & profiling
  Identify resistant mutations & clone into the replicon
  Profile compound against resistant replicons
Clinical sample profiling: NS3,NS5A or NS5B chimeric replicon
Homogeneous SPA assay (384-well format) for anti-HCV polymerase
NS5b compound screening
Other assays : NS3 protease assay, etc.