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As one of the booming fields, epigenetics bridges genotype to phenotype and provides in-depth understanding of aging, human development, the origins of cancer, metabolic diseases, heart disease, mental illness, as well as several other diseases. The molecular basis of epigenetics involves DNA methylation, histone modification and chromatin remodeling. Post-translational modifications of histones, together with factors responsible for writing, reading and erasing histone modifications, serves as a regulatory platform for controlling and/or fine-tuning numerous important DNA-templated processes. Targeting epigenetics, especially histone modifications, makes a promising strategy in the research
and development of next-generation drugs.
HD Biosciences offers comprehensive epigenetic solutions and services from assay
development to high throughput screening (HTS) focusing on histone modifications.
Assay Development
Biochemical assay development (writers and erasers for histone modifications):
Assay formats: TR-FRET (LANCE Ultra, HTRF, LathaScreen), AlphaScreen, Caliper,
fluorometric, luminescent, radiometric, etc.
Substrate choices include peptide, recombinant histone protein and reconstituted
Assay development includes routine assay optimization (enzyme titration, time course, Km determination etc.) and assay validation (DMSO tolerance, Z' test,
compound validation, etc.).
Z’ test data of a robust biochemical assay targeting at methyltransferase using LANCE Ultra format.
Biochemical protein-protein interaction assay development (readers for histone
Multiple families of conserved domains (i.e. Bromo, Chromo, PHD, Tudor, MBT etc.) were shown to recognize and interact with modified histones, leading to interpretation of post-translational modifications language. HD Biosciences provides services to help you identify and characterize compounds targeting this special
protein-protein interaction.
Assay formats: TR-FRET (HTRF, LANCE), AlphaScreen, fluorescence polarization,
Biacore, radiometric, etc.
Assay development includes routine assay optimization (protein titration, Kd determination, antibody titration etc.) and assay validation (DMSO tolerance, Z' test,
compound validation, etc.).
Cellular assay development:
Assay formats: AlphaLISA, BacMam, ELISA, Western blot, etc.
Assay development includes antibody specificity evaluation, routine assay
optimization and validation.
Besides capability to develop assays on your interested targets, HD Biosciences also offers
several validated assays on epigenetic targets for screening purpose.
Biochemical assay for histone
deacetylase (HDAC)
Assay Formats:
Caliper, HDAC-Glo, SIRT-Glo
Available targets:
Generic cellular assay for HDAC
Assay Formats:
Fluor de Lys, HDAC-Glo
IC50 determination of reference compounds against HDAC8 using HDAC-Glo assay format.
IC50 determination of cellular HDAC's inhibition against reference compounds in Hela cells using Fluor de Lys format.
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