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Mitochondrial Toxicity -
Isolated rat liver mitochondrial (RST/OCR) assay
Mitochondrial dysfunction is a major contributor to drug-induced toxicity, post-market drug withdrawal and black box warnings for hepatic and cardiac toxicity. Considering the mitochondria play such a pivotal role in cellular energy (ATP) production homeostasis, evidence now supports a growing industry trend to early screening
for mitochondrial toxicity in drug discovery.
HDB Biosciences (HDB), in alliance with Luxel Biosciences, offers a novel mitochondrial toxicity assay using the Respirometric Screening Technology (RST), a technology originally developed by Luxcel and Pfizer1,2,3, which now has been widely utilized by pharmaceutical and biotech companies. (Ref: 1)Nature Protocols 1(6):2563-72(2006); 2)Toxicology in Vitro
27(2013),560-569; 3)Expert Opin. Drug Metab. Toxicol. (2014))
The RST assay features:
An ex-vivo system using freshly isolated rat liver mitochondria
Measures oxygen consumption rate (OCR) using the MitoXpress® oxygen-sensing probe
Significant advantage compared to Glu/Gal, RST/OCR assay differentiates specific
mitochondrial vs. non-specific toxicity, and uncoupler vs. inhibitor
Fully validated assay in high throughput format
Identify mitochondrial liabilities in a variety of drug classes leading to broad industry
HDB is the sole service provider of the RST assay globally and is the designated partner for
a big pharmaceutical company on drug safety profiling!
Please download our brochure for more assay information and validation data.
Toxicity Assay
1. Nature Protocols 1(6):2563-72(2006);
2. Toxicology in Vitro 27(2013),560-569;
3. Expert Opin. Drug Metab. Toxicol. (2014).
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