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Biochemical and cellular assays
Biophysics assays for kinetics/affinity characterization
Various assay formats with capability to run both end-point and real-time kinetic analysis in high throughput format
HD Biosciences' reputable in vitro pharmacology platforms, synergized with WuXi AppTec powerful chemistry platform and featured with structural biology platform from CRELUX,
provide comprehensive solutions supporting TPD drug R&D.
Binary/Ternary Complex Formation Assay Platform
Biochemical/Biophysics assays
Binary/ternary binding assays at formats on TR-FRET, AlphaScreen, Fluorescence Polarization (FP), radioactive assays, etc.
Biophysics approach with SPR (Biacore 8K+) and thermo shift assays
SPR assay measures the kinetics of binary/ternary complex formation and provides rationale for preferred-ternary-complex-formation in TPD design and optimization.
Representative data for SPR Assay
Cellular assays
Target-E3 ligase PPI assay (NanoBRET)
NanoBRET cellular PPI assay evaluates target-E3 complex formation at desirable expression level and compatible with both end-point and real-time kinetic analysis
Target/E3 engagement assay (NanoBRET)
Target Ubiquitination & Degradation Assay Platform
Biochemical assays
Target ubiquitination assay (TR-FRET, AlphaScreen)
Cellular assays
Target ubiquitination assay (NanoBRET)
Target recruitment to proteasome assays (NanoBRET)
Target degradation assay (HiBiT, AlphaLISA, TR-FRET, ELISA,)
HiBiT cellular assay enables monitoring of target protein degradation at
physiological level and provides both end-point and kinetic detections
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In vivo Pharmaclogy
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