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The Latest Generation of Auto Patch Clamp Platform Launched at HDB
Shanghai, China – March 16th, 2022
We are excited to announce the installation and operation of SyncroPatch 384, the latest generation of automated patch clamp (APC) system which can be implemented into all phases of drug discovery. Ideal for high-throughput screening campaign, this industry-leading APC platform ramps up HDB’s physiological capabilities in several
Versatile 32-well mode, suitable for applications from
target validation, HIT finding, to lead optimization
(medium to low throughput suffices)
True giga-seal on borosilicate glass chip with 284
amplifier channels recording in parallel
Advanced built-in protocols and temperature control for
safety testing
Up to 20,000 data points per day
Exceptional data quality in additional to a throughput matching primary screening
Fewer false positives and/or negatives than fluorescence-based assays in some targets
On the economy end, the advancement of APC device improves the affordability of the consumables which significantly lowers the cost per data point for electrophysiological data (comparable to the cost of fluorescence-based assay). With it, HDB can assist with your pre-clinical drug development and reach to PCC more efficiently, accurately and cost-
Software package to set parameters, visualize QC results and analyze data to generate dose response curve
Since 2008, HDB’s electrophysiology platform has built up strategic partnerships with numerous world’s renown pharmaceutical/biotech companies and accelerated their drug discovery projects. A variety of ion channel assays (stably expressed cell lines or primary cells) is offered based on technologies of manual and/or automated patch clamp, fluorescence-based FLIPR assay, radioligand binding assay and others. In addition to the broad coverage of ready-to-use ion channel assays (shown in the tables below), we are able to develop customized assays and validate new targets and⁄or cell lines to suit your
specific needs.
Ion Channel (stable cell line)
Ion Channel (stable cell line)
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