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Metabolic Pathway Analysis and Profiling
Metabolic pathways function as the balance of biosynthetic process to support cell growth and survival. Understanding the target in context of diseases in its metabolic pathways, metabolic profiling recently becomes critical and attractive in the field of oncology as well as other metabolic diseases. As the downstream of transcription and translation, metabolites are potentially a better indicator of perturbed metabolic pathways. To assist systematic analysis of cancer metabolic network, HDB offers mass-spec based profiling services to identify metabolic alterations and accurately quantify specific metabolites in
both in vitro and in vivo biological systems.
Current profiling panel contains about 50 metabolites with validated methods. We will continue developing new metabolites and new pathways. Multiplex method is also
available for detection and quantification of groups of metabolites.
Metabolite Profiling Panel
Multiplex Detection of 10 Metabolites
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