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SAR Driven Chemistry Services
With strong expertise and in-depth experience, we offer full range of medicinal chemistry services from hit identification, lead generation, lead optimization to preclinical candidate selection. Focused libraries and parallel synthesis provide fast solutions to hit identification and hit-to-lead generation. SAR exploration by the experienced medchem team and the biology counterpart offer advantages to achieve both efficiency and cost effectiveness. Intellectual inputs will be provided at every stage of the optimization
process to further enhance project's brainpower.
Hit identification
Scaffold mining and designing
IP analysis on designed scaffolds
Structural diversity/uniqueness assessment
Lead generation
Focused library and parallel synthesis
Preliminary in vitro and in vivo DMPK screening
Lead optimization
SAR generation and exploration
in vitro and in vivo data evaluations
Scale up to support key studies in animal models
Supporting clients' patent filings
Lab and facilities:
State-of-the-art facility with well-equipped labs
Robust analytic tools with open access LC-MS (Waters UPLC-MS) and NMR
Efficient purification systems featured by semi-prep HPLCs (Gilson and Shimadzu) and ISCOs
Convenient chemistry reference search tool (SciFinder/SciPlanner) to support innovative discovery research
Medicinal Chemistry Lab Medicinal Chemistry Lab
UPLC-MS Biotage Initiator Sixty
Gilson prep HPLC CombiFlash
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Target Discovery
In vitro Pharmacology
DMPK & Toxicology
In vivo Pharmaclogy
Other Services
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