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Medicinal Chemistry
Medicinal Chemistry at HD Biosciences has concentrated expertise from extensive training and in-depth experience gained at the world leading pharmaceutical companies. HDB medicinal chemistry team primarily focuses on SAR development aiming to accelerate
clients' drug discovery and development efforts.
To build a first-class medicinal chemistry team, through our scientific expertise, full dedication, and value-added inputs, to provide focused medicinal chemistry services for
pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
Our Team
Key medicinal chemists have big pharma and/or CRO experiences with proven track records
A science inspired team with high ratio of PhD level of chemists
Ph.D. leaders work on bench, closely supervise and manage their teams with the first-hand experiences to ensure the quality of each step
Strict QA/QC process are enforced from synthesis, purification, characterization to compound submission in order to ensure high quality
Automation instrumentation (ISCO, Microwave, prep HPLC, UPLC-MS, etc.) ensures productivity and timely delivery
Well established and consistently implemented productivity measures
Problem solving
First-line information gained from experienced Ph.D. leaders working on bench to guide real-time problem solving
All chemists have the accesses to SciFinder and are trained by the SciFinder staff
Real-time communication with scientific integrity, engagement and professionalism
Dedicated project leaders and program managers, customer service representatives, and business development team
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