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High Throughput Screening (HTS)
HD Biosciences offers high-quality, and cost-effective screening services that cover from biochemical, radiometric, cell-based, to high content, multiplex, LC/MS based screening for the hit identification and lead discovery. Our State of the Art screening center is capable of
producing over 100,000 data points per day, per individual primary screening.
For years, HD Biosciences has an excellent track record in HTS services. We are the designated “The Center of the Excellence in Hit Identification and Lead Discovery” for several global pharmaceutical companies and support their company-wide needs in
screening activities.
In addition to high throughput screening services, HD Biosciences also offer the compound management supports for the partners/clients. The company currently handles the size of over 3 million compounds in single and/or compressed formats, both dry and DMSO, for several clients to support daily screening activities, as well as global compound distribution. Besides client’s compounds for screening activities, HD Biosciences proprietary diversified TCM-based natural product library with over 10,000 HPLC-
fractionated samples, is also available for custom screening services.
Integrated Screening Platform
Compound Management
Designated & secured storage for individual HTS/SAR project for each client
SOP enforced process to support compound receiving, registration and storage with 2D
barcode option
Experience of handling over 3 million compounds under varieties of formats for multiple
clients (RAMP plates, dry, DMSO)
Proprietary compound data management system (CPMS) to provide solutions for t
information tracking from vials/plates, assay/screening, to data processing/output and
Assay Development/Transfer & Screening
Designated POC for individual program on assay development, optimization and
Expertise in assay adaptation to HTS for seamless assay-HTS transfer and operation
On site, real time checking for screening QA/QC
Varieties of assay and screen formats to address unmet needs
Data Management & IT Support
CPMS and other database tools to capture precise information flow
Strong IT Infrastructure with variety of data analysis tools to facilitate data recording,
curve fitting, visualization and reporting
VPN and e-notebook available for secured data sharing and transfer
Designated POC for secured data review and assurance of data integrity
Project Management & Quality Assurance Support
Project Management & Quality Assurance Support
Final data quality assurance with notebook archiving and compliance
Close communication with clients for transparent operation & progress update
HTS and SAR Screening Workflow
Quality Control and Assurance
Equipment Regular QC & Calibration
All equipment were professionally calibrated regularly and before
each campaign
Data QC - NIH Guidance & Beyond
Cross-day, cross-plate tests of SW, EC/IC50 & the rank order of
potencies of reference compounds with acceptable variations
ZPE, HPE, MSR and Z’ factor tests in three separate experiments
in assay validation phase
Reference compounds with multiple concentrations imbedding in
individual screening campaign
Z factor summary for every primary screening
Compound QC
Compound QC for HTS selected hits to eliminate mismatched
biological and chemical data
Data analysis result reported within 24h after screening result
UPLC/MS based analysis with a throughput > 3,000 compounds
per week
Primary HTS, Hit Confirmation and Hit Follow-up
470,000+ compounds library screened on a Amplex red/HRP based fluorescence assay
on Envision
Hit rate: 2.1% (threshold: 30% inhibition)
Hit confirmation rate: 75.58%
Plate failure rate: < 3%
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