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GPCR Assay Development and Compound Profiling
G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCR) represent a major research focus of many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in drug discovery. As a leading GPCR solution provider, HD Biosciences provides comprehensive assay development, high
throughput screening and selectivity profiling services.
All assays developed by HDB are HTS-compatible. Our cell lines that over-express GPCR are optimized with high S/N ratio measured by calcium, cAMP or reporter genes. In-house experience and know-how enable HDB to overcome cytotoxicity issues and generate stable GPCR cell lines, e.g. mGluRs and other targets. HDB’s extensive experience in the
GPCR field provides clients the best in class experience and results.
Figure 1. Ligand response curves on HEK293/GPR40 stable cell line.
Dose response of calcium assay was monitored with FlexStation plate reader upon treatment with ligand
Comprehensive Assays Cover Any GPCRs
Various Reporter Gene Assays
CRE/reporter genes (luciferase, b-lactamase, deGFP)
NFAT/reporter genes
Calcium Flux/FLIPR Assays
Proprietary homogenous assay solution for better assay window
Radiometric Assays
GTPγS binding assay
Radio-ligand binding assay
With HDB’s broad collection of over 100 GPCR, we are able to provide compound profiling service to determine the respective active and inhibitory profiles and selectivity of lead compounds to various drug targets. Our rapid cost-effective compound profiling service
enable clients to prioritize the most promising compounds in hit-to-lead selection process.
Figure 2. Sample Compound Activity Profile Against 40 Targets Avaliable as part of HDB's Compound Profiling Service. All targets were evaluated using an individual dose of Compound A at 1uM.
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