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HDB Compound Collections
Ready-to-use libraries with over 50,000
A collection of both commercial and in-
house developed unique libraries
Highly diversified screening tools and
formats provide a greater hit probability
To find a leading compound with appropriate interaction in biological models, it is a common approach to screen a drug target against a selection of chemicals. High quality compound library provides a better chance that high-throughput screening (HTS) will identify a "hit". HDB owns a combination of commercial and in-house libraries, advanced cloud-based chemo-informatics compound management system and rich experiences in
assay development.
FDA approved drug library
A unique collection of 1,370 FDA approved drugs providing an ideal research tool for
new targets of old drugs
A collection of 14,400 premier compounds representing the drug-like diversity of the
Maybridge screening set
Offering ready-to-use of easy & rapid lead identification
Up to 35,000 fragments with low cLogP (MW≤300 Da; cLogP≤3), allowing structural-
based lead identification
Pharmacaphore rich yet simple for interpretation of the results
Dynamic growing number of compound collection synthesized via modern methodology
Novel and unique chemical space in structures not found in commercial
Hit-rich potential through HTS screenings against various targets classess
Compound management system enables smooth operation of HTS/SAR campaigns
Medicinal chemistry supports hit follow-ups, hit expansion and lead optimization
Comprehensive platforms of HTS, SAR screening, off target evaluation and drug property
Outstanding track record of pharmaceutical, biotech and startup collaboration and
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