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Anti-bacteria Program
With an experienced team, fully equipped BSL-2 microbiology labs, HDB has built up comprehensive capabilities and capacities to support antibacterial drug discovery. HDB has the extensive collections of characterized bacterial strains, varieties of assays and
matching screening capability.
Bacterial Strain Collection
Over 50 standard QC strains and over 900 clinical isolates
Strain identification through 16S rRNA sequence, VITEK2 or MALDI-TOF MS analysis
AST profile of 16 commercial antibiotics
Drug resistant gene identification through multiplex PCR analysis
Antibacterial Susceptibility Testing
Minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC), minimal bactericidal concentration (MBC)
MIC50 / MIC90
Kinetics Study
  Time-kill study
Post-antibiotic-effect (PAE) study
Resistance Test
  Frequency-of-resistance (FOR) assay
Resistance mutant gene identification
Synergy Test
  Checkerboard assay
E-test method
MOA Study
Macromolecule synthesis (MMS) assay - Macromolecular synthesis pathways including
DNA, RNA, protein, phospholipid, peptidoglycan and lipopolysaccharide synthesis are examined by radioactivity quantitation of newly synthesized macromolecules that are
radiolabeled using different radioisotope substrates.
Transcription and translation (TNT) assay is to determine the effect of test compounds
on RNA transcription and/or protein translation in a cell-free system.
Bacterial lysis assay - E. coli cell lysis assay is to quantify activity of extracellular
heterogeneous β-galactosidase released during cell lysis because of cell wall and cell
membrane damage.
Bacterial membrane depolarization assay is to measure bacterial cell membrane
potential changes in presence and absence of compounds using potential-sensitive
fluorescent dye.
Target Specific Assays
E. coli and S. aureus gyrase and topo IV
Β-lactamase and metallo- Β-lactamase
inhibition assay
CoaBC enzyme inhibition assay
Dihydrofolate reductase assay
Pseudomonas pyocyanin assay
Other Assays
Hemolysis assay
Serum shift assay
Nephrotoxicity assay
E. coli gene knockout using CRISPR-Cas9
Bacterial genomic analysis and
phenotypic study
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In vivo Pharmaclogy
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