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Adeno-associated Virus (AAV) Vector System
AAV vectors are currently among the most frequently used viral vectors for gene delivery and manipulation both in vitro and in vivo. Its highly efficient gene transfer capability, existence of multiple serotypes for selective organ/tissue targeting, and safety profile,
make AAV the vector of choice.
AAV vector system is part of HDB's proprietary AGM (Advanced Gene Manipulation) platform. Our extensive collaborations with clients in different therapeutic areas have provided us with experiences on AAV vector based gene manipulation in a variety of
animal disease models.
AAV Vector Services
HDB provides AAV vector services to support clients research services, including:
Vector production
Our AAV vectors are made based on triple transfection method, purified by 3 rounds of
CsCl gradient centrifugation, titrated by qPCR method.
Multiple selections: AAV1 to 10, scAAV, and ssAAV
Custom gene design: promoter, ploy A, intron, etc.
Inducible gene expression: Dox. inducible system
Large scale production
Standard QC process
Plasmid characterization and ITR integritycheck
Acurate vector titration
Purity measurement by sliver stainingof SDS-polyacrylamide gel
In vivo gene manipulation services
We help clients to studythe function of targetgene, mechanism of actions, and vector's
therapeutic potentials.
Different route of vector inoculation validated: i.v, i.p, i.t, i.m, intra-brain, etc.
Tissue/organ specific gene delivery and manipulation in animals and disease models
Target gene over-expression, knockdown (shRNA) and rescue of knockout
Our AAV vector services are fully supported by highly regulated facility and strong scientific team that providing the best reliable services on AAV production and
pharmacology studies.
Well equipped facility
BSL2 and BSL3 labs for viral vector preparation and virology research
ABSL2 animal facility (4500 f2) for in vivo pharmacology studies
Strong expertise
Leading scientists having over 10 yrs of experience in virology and gene manipulation
Practical experiences in gene manipulation in various tissues/organs and in animals under different pharmacological conditions
Strategic partnership with top tier scientist in US academia for novel vector production
With the high quality AAV vector products, HDB conducts the following research services to help our clients on target validation, gene function screen, animal model development
and therapeutic studies under different disease conditions
Target validation in multiple animal disease models:
AAV vector can be used as an effective tool for target validation in different therapeutic areas including metabolic diseases, oncology, inflammation, CNS, kidney diseases,
cardiovascular diseases, and infectious diseases.
Biologicals screen:
  AAV vector can mediate over-expression of target gene either systemicly or in an organ/tissue specific manner. The gene product in situ will gain biological activity with endogenous modifications. The therapeutical potential of the gene products can thus
be rapidly screened in established animal models.
Model development:
  Animal models can be developed by manipulation of disease-associated genes in
animals (over-expression, knockdown).
Gene therapy:
  AAV is the vector of choice for gene therapy against a variety of disease conditions. By taking advantage of the strong expertise of in vivo pharmacology at HDB, our clients
can conduct gene therapy studies in different therapeutic areas.
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