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Anti-Infective Services
HD Biosciences anti-infective services cover both anti-viral and anti-bacterial R&D. As an only CRO that owns both BSL-2/BSL-3 laboratories and ABSL-2 animal facility, the company supports global clients for their efforts on anti-infective drug discovery. The services include anti-viral, anti-bacterial assays & assay development, target validation, HTS for hit identification, SAR lead optimization, in both target-based and cell-based setup. We also support anti-infective MOA research, drug resistance study, compound profiling etc. Clients could access our viral and bacterial strain resource banks that include standard lab adapted viral and bacterial strains, clinical isolates, ATCC QC strains, as well as clinical
drug resistant strains. All Stains are characterized with available quality control records.
HDB scientist working in the BSL-3 lab
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