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HD Biosciences and ABBIOSCI Formed Partnership on Antibody Drug Discovery Services
Shanghai, China – July 10th, 2015
HD Biosciences Co., Ltd. (HDB), a leading biology-focused preclinical drug discovery contract research organization (CRO) based in Shanghai, and ABBIOSCI Inc., a Seattle based antibody technology development company, announced today that they have signed an agreement to form a strategic partnership on antibody drug discovery and development services. Under the agreement, HDB will gain full access to rich libraries and other resources that ABBIOSCI Inc. has built throughout the years. ABBIOSCI Inc, will utilize the resources, including a broad client base that HDB has established to expand the business presence and advance some leading products, including therapeutic antibodies, to later stages. The joint effort will leverage the extensive expertise and technology platforms from both sides to provide better services for clients, and promote the advances of new
technology development and novel therapeutic antibody drug discovery.
"We are delighted to team up with ABBIOSCI Inc,. a leading company with great strength on therapeutic antibody discovery, especially on phagemid based technology." "HDB has achieved great success in early antibody discovery in past years, and has delivered numerous functional antibody hits/leads to our clients. This partnership will maximize HDB's resources and advance the capabilities to provide more value-added services to our clients for preclinical therapeutic antibody development." stated Dr. Xuehai Tan, President
& CEO of HDB.
"HDB has established and maintained a professional reputation globally with CRO pre-clinical service plus their extensive customer resources and multiple capabilities, we believe that this strategic alliance will significantly speed up antibody-based drug development, particularly for the next generation of antibody drug. Obliviously, China-based pharms and biotech companies will benefit first from our powerful validated-well human antibody platform because of this partnership." said John Zhang, Ph.D., President
About HD Biosciences
HD Biosciences Co., Ltd. is a biology-focused preclinical drug discovery contract research organization (CRO) with headquarter in Shanghai, and operation facilities in Beijing and San Diego, USA. The company offers comprehensive research and development services to global pharmaceutical and biotech industries around target validation, plate-based pharmacology, hit identification & lead discovery, therapeutic antibody discovery, in vivo pharmacology, and other related areas. The company currently collaborates with eight (8) of the ten (10) largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and has established strategic partnerships in many key R&D areas with impacts to their portfolios. The strong scientific expertise, high quality of the services, consistency in deliveries, and constantly meeting or exceeding expectations, have helped the company to earn an excellent reputation in the industry. The in vitro pharmacology R&D capabilities and other core competencies of the company are widely
recognized as one of the best among preclinical CROs.
ABBIOSCI, Inc., a privately held Life Science company located in Seattle, WA, USA, develops and offers world-wide, a variety of next generation recombinant antibodies for research, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications. ABBIOSCI also specializes in the production, detection and characterization of multi-format antibodies, including polyclonal (pAb), monoclonal (mAb), recombinant antibodies (rAb), and antibody fragment engineering (Ab-Eng). Our primary goal is to create a functional recombinant antibody with a suitable size by using our multiple platforms, ABS-4Abs ®. Additionally, ABBIOSCI offers a multiple featured services, particularly for selecting and screening useful antibody from both patented and validated-well platforms, designated as lamprey and human antibody libraries. The lambody derived from lamprey is a powerful tool for making antibody against your interesting glyco-biomarker, that is called as anti-glycan antibody. The selected antibodies from both libraries can be purposely engineered or modified in vitro to obtain a desirable antibody with right biological activity.
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